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Road map

Road map

Road map

TronNinjas are now available for Minting for 1250TRX. Each ninja is unique and randomly generated with its gaming and style attributes. Style determines the appearance of the NFT, and the game determines the characteristics the players will have in-game. This is the first step on the Ninjas Journey. A small Ninja Army will be set free on the Tron Blockchain, totalling 10,000. 20% will possess rare items, including Ninja Star, Tron T-shirt, and Tron Head Band. Ninjas also have names, some of which are rare. Can you mint a Satoshi Nakamoto or a Takeshi Kovacs.

Check out the FAQ page for further details.

Are you ready for the Ninja Army?


Having a viable marketplace is very important for any community, even more so for the Ninja Army! Once ready, each TronNinja can be staked. This feature is an integral part of our Marketplace because it allows holders to share 5% of the commission from any Ninja sales via our Marketplace.

Once TronNinjas are fully minted; Our next priority will be to complete the work we have already started on releasing a fully featured marketplace where you can trade your TronNinja NFTs.

5% of the commission fees are added to the staking contract for those who wish to stake their Ninjas. This means that TronNinja holders have the ability to earn passive income and be a part of our Journey.


Although we have already started creating the first game, once we reach 25% minted, we will be pushing hard to complete this first game before the end of minting. (Depending on the speed of the minting) *Game is now live!

The game will be a Ninja themed version of the classic arcade game PacMan (With a twist). Our game is powered by Tron, giving players the ability to earn in-game currency. TNT can later be used in our item shop to purchase upgrades and enhancements. These enhancements provide users with an extra edge within the games.

This will be de first of several games where you can use your TronNinja NFT as the in-game character.


Mint your Ninja NFT


Use your NFT to play in Arcade style games


Earn and collect tokens which can be used for game upgrades