Our Journey in a Nutshell

About TronNinjas

Welcome to TronNinjas. A collection of unique, stylish and diverse Ninjas, ready to leave a mark on the NFT space! 10,000 randomly generated Ninjas of various rarity flexing on the Tron blockchain as TRC-721 tokens.

This is the first GameFi project on Tron and utilizes P2E mechanics. Each ninja is unique and is randomly generated with its own gaming and style attributes. Style determines the appearance of the NFT, and game determines the characteristics the players will have in game.

What makes TronNinjas different from the rest? Here is why you should take an interest in our project:

  • First GameFi project on Tron
  • Retro games where you use your TronNinja NFT as your character
  • Play to earn in-game tokens
  • Use in-game tokens to upgrade your NFT. Upgrades will make your NFT stronger and more valuable
  • Weekly Tournaments
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Our vision

We create long term value for our partners by putting innovations, data and sustainability at the very heart of our business.


Create NFTs used as characters in games, with the possibility to play and earn


Be able to upgrade your character with power ups and other features using in game currency


Bring more use case and value to your in game currency leading to exchanges listings in turn rewarding our early adopters

Say hello to our

Ninja Army

Each Ninja is randomly generated and unique in their own way.

Naoki Aba

Random Ninja

Shinsuke Mitarai

Lead Ninja

Yutaka Shimizu


Takashi Tsujimura

Random TronNinja


Find answers, support, and inspiration from the TronNinja Army and our support team on Discord.