TronNinja Token (TNT)

What is TNT?

TronNinja Token (TNT) is the native utility token of the TronNinja Arcade platform; It is the heart of the dojo and underpins the play-to-earn mechanism; Its primary purpose is to allow users to earn during regular gameplay.

Who can mine TNT?

Anyone who connects their Tron wallet can earn TNT while playing games in the Ninja arcade. Each game has different rating levels. The rating level is found on each game page. For example, our first game, the homage to Pac-man, allows you to earn 0.1 TNT per 500. The TNT rate changes depending on how many Ninja NFTs you hold in your wallet and increases by 5% up to 100% (20 Ninja NFTS).

For example;

  • 0 Ninja NFTs kept in your Tron wallet. 0.1 TNT per 500 points.
  • 1 Ninja NFT kept in your Tron wallet. 0.105 (+5%) TNT per 500 points.
  • 2 Ninja NFT kept in your Tron wallet. 0.11 (+10%) TNT per 500 points.
  • 3 Ninja NFT kept in your Tron wallet. 0.115 (+15%) TNT per 500 points.
  • 4 Ninja NFT kept in your Tron wallet. 0.12 (+20%) TNT per 500 points.

This continues until it reaches the maximum multiplier, which is 100% for 20 NFTs held, making a total of 0.2 TNT per 500 points. **Note TNT will be limited to max 20 TNT per game.

So now you have racked up some hours playing in the arcade; What can you do with all the TNT you have earned?

  • Stake your TNT in the TronNinja Arcade pool. Staked TNT tokens share 35% of the revenue in TNT and TRX from sales of upgrades in the Ninja upgrade store You can earn or buy TNT and stake it; in doing so, you can make more TNT from the dividend pool.

  • Upgrade your TronNinja NFT from the store. Upgrading your TronNinja NFT will get you ahead of the competition, meaning you will earn more TNT to use or stake. Read more about this in ”TronNinjas Store.” Not all upgrades are available with TNT!

  • Buy-Inn for competitions. Use the earnings for future competition buy-inns. Often we will run gaming events that allow users to win a cash prize. Along with the buy-in, we also seek paid sponsorship deals with other blockchain projects, which will help make the prize funds big enough to make it exciting.