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When the minting starts, have your browser logged into TronLink and make sure you have enough funds to complete the transaction. Note: Make sure you have enough to cover the energy fees.

1250 TRX.

There is no buying limit per wallet or per transaction. Feel free to mint as many as you want!

The game has started to be worked on, and once 25% mint is reached the team will push forward to complete the game before the end of minting. The first game will be a Ninja themed version of the classic arcade game Pacman (with a twist). Our version is powered by Tron, giving players the ability to earn in-game currency to be later exchanged for weapons and utility items to improve the ninjas’ attributes and ability to compete with advantages in the games. A video will soon follow to showcase how the gameplay works.

As we speak we are working on a fully featured marketplace, we hope to be able to release it shortly after minting.

In a Tron NFT first we are taking 5% commission and giving to back to the community. Anyone that owns a Ninjs will be able to stake it!

TronNinja Token (TNT) is the native token of the TronNinja Arcade.

From November 20th. it will be available on the Justmoney exchange

TNT is the in-game token for TronNinja Arcade. It can be used in the TronNinja shop to buy items, upgrades and buy-ins.

Yes. You will be able to stake TNT and earn from it. Every week staked TNT holders share 35% of the payouts from the dividend pool.

You can earn TNT by playing games. Our first game pays out 0.1 TNT for every 500 points.

Everyone can play to earn, but you also gain more TNT by holding one or more TronNinjas NFTs. For every TronNinja NFT you hold, you make 5 % more TNT. (Up to 20 TronNinja NFTs).

    1 TronNinja = 5 % 2 TronNinjas = 10 % 10 TronNinjas = 50 % 20 TronNinjas = 100 %

With 20 TronNinjas, you therefor double your earnings.

From november 20th. it will be possible on the Justmoney exchange

For now you can upgrade weapons, speed, extra life and slow enemy down.

TronNinjas Token has a total supply of 500,000,000

TNT is available on Tron (TRX) Network TRC20 token